Many husbands promise sunlight and the moon, but it almost seems within Reinaldo Herrera’s grasp to provide them to his wife. At the minimum, he offered Carolina a placeholder: a gilded small inlaid with jewels, sunlight on one area, the crescent moon on the different. She utilized it as inspiration on her behalf pre-fall collection, which appeared to the heavens for celestial prints, inky dusk blues, and embroidered whorls of jacquard that set you in mind of van Gogh’s Starry Nights. “I’m extremely superstitious,” Mrs. Herrera warned, and so a scarf, covered around a model’s neck, unscrolled to reveal the astrological constellations, with CAROLINA HERRERA chosen in stars following to Capricorn, her signal. From there, it had been a bounce to the tarot deck, which made among the season’s novelty prints, and to a playing card printing for pussy bow blouses. Those was included with a set of eye-popping houndstooth meets in lipstick reddish colored with shrunken, peak-lapeled jackets and wide-legged pants-Redford in The Sting delivered through the looking cup and back again. “There and again” could’ve been the tagline because of this very, loosely organized collection. “From the heavens to the planet earth” is certainly how Herrera recommended to put it. Following the starry gowns, with their diaphanous layers of chiffon and crystal brooches, there have been showstoppers quite definitely of the planet earth, in jacquards of yard rose.